It breaks our hearts to see starving clients go without great campaigns this season. Almost as much as it pains us to revisit all our previously pitched campaigns that never saw the light of day.

So to keep our hearts from double-breaking, we’re giving away 12 free integrated campaigns to any company hoping to do more with less (a lot less) in 2017. It’s the 12 Days of Pitchmas! And we just posted Day 9, so look under the Pitchmas tree right now to see if there’s a campaign (that’s available) with your name on it.

If not, there are still two more days left for you to experience a true Pitchmas miracle. (A real thing that definitely exists.)

The 12 Days of Pitchmas | Brokaw

Have a happy holiday and a merry Pitchmas, everybody!
-Your kind-hearted/creative-minded friends at Brokaw.