Not too many ad agencies will tell you this, but the secret to creating great advertising and digital content these days is incredibly, astonishingly simple: just create bold work that doesn’t resemble advertising. That’s it. Simple, right? Yeah, try explaining that to your ROI-acronym-obsessed board at the next budget meeting. We’ll CMO you later. Because if we’re not creating advertising (that gets certifiably proven measurable results), what the heck are we creating?



Great advertising gives people something they’ve never seen before. Or participated in, for that matter. Like a small bookstore in Texas getting millions of dollars of free media for a brilliant clickbait campaign, err, “lit-bait.”




Great advertising is great comedy or drama. It makes your target laugh or cry—just as long as they FEEL something. ANYTHING. Which might explain the success of the KFC Colonel Sanders campaign and the chain’s comeback. As Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed put it, “I’m quite happy that 20% hate it. You can market to love and hate; you cannot market to indifference.” (Just as long as 99.9% don’t hate it; See despised Pepsi ad.)



Great advertising is useful. We’re here to empower our audience with information and technology to help them lead longer, healthier, happier, more meaningful lives. Hint: when in doubt, INFOGRAPHIC. Or if you’re feeling really ambitious… A SMART SHOPPING CART.


Great advertising is strengthened by everything that is removed from the execution; not added to it. This is why visual solutions are so powerful. And why emojis are replacing words. Because people today have the attention span of a 🐟. And we all know the best way to get a pothole fixed these days isn’t by writing a long letter to your city’s council. (See latest work by, umm, “Wanksy”?! Oh my, that’s a traffic stopper.)


Great advertising is beautiful. And human. It contains original artwork, music, writing, and film. The more automated our lives and jobs become with technology and AI, the more we seek out beauty, art, and real human experiences. (In summary: Sorry, Alexa. It’s not you. It’s us. Actually, it is you.)



The greatest advertising checks all these boxes and gives people an experience of tremendous value. How do we know? Because we see results. Crazy results. The kind you can measure. With a stick. For measuring. Or in boardroom marketing-speak: data analytics proving measurable ROI. 👍

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and show the world how to create great work that works.

-Your friends at the…

brokaw, inc.

The secret to creating great advertising these days is incredibly, astonishingly simple: create bold work that doesn’t resemble advertising.

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