Holiday marketing is a tough business. In a climate where consumers are Christmas shopping as early as September and Halloween marketing begins in July, every year is more intense. I mean, I know I’ll begin hoarding my Christmas Ale when it’s released next week.

But this year, this year, broke the mold. Literally everything has been Trumped (pun intended) by election coverage.

Consider that this year brought the highest watched presidential debate in history where pre and post TV spots went for $250,000 a piece.

Content providers from 24/7 News Networks to SNL to Netflix are taking advantage of covering the election and enjoying the spoils of top advertising dollars, views and ratings, but who is embracing the election atmosphere and traditional holiday marketing tactics both?

Her Majesty Madea.

By combining traditional holiday marketing with election content, the folks at Lionsgate brilliantly found a way to cut through the blah, blah, blah.

From a hilariously-relevant segment on Jimmy Fallon where Fallon, as Donald Trump, calls Madea to persuade a vote, to the Madea Halloween Giphy and the hilarious Snapchat filters (here’s my 3 year old as Madea.)

Tyler Perry and his Boo! A Madea Halloween Movie has been everywhere making us giggle and more importantly…dash to see the film!

And it worked, making Madam Madea the #1 movie in America last weekend!

While these tactics may not work for every brand out there…they sure as hellur are inspiring.


Happy Hellurween Everybody!