To connect with consumers in today’s digital age, there are two very serious questions we need to ask ourselves:

1.)  Why should anyone give a crap?

Let’s set aside “big data,” “big ideas,” and all those other big marketing buzzwords for a moment, and simply ask ourselves: “Is this message, err, “content” really relevant?” Or better yet… “Would I share this with anyone?”

Our strategic marketing solutions and creative content should be that relevant, that targeted, that bold, that powerful, that buzzworthy, and that “in the moment”—as demonstrated by Nike’s well-orchestrated LeBronomania Homecoming assault last Thursday night.

2.)  Should we maybe sit this one out?

But for every real-time marketing success story, there are hundreds of real-time brand #fails. From DiGiorno’s #WhyIStayed mis-tweet to NyQuil’s awkward MLK Day post…


…don’t feel the need to make every single holiday, anniversary, huge event, or trending hashtag an opportunity to promote your brand.

Sometimes it’s best to just take a seat on the sidelines and have a Gatorade in silence. Even when Gatorade decides to join in on the trolling fun and make fun of you for cramping. Yes, we know we live in a fast-paced digital world, where speed to market is critical. But we also know that speed kills.

In summary… Great Content > Fast Content.

(Unless you’re looking for a good Reactvertising™ Agency—see vid below.)