Since it launched in July, Pokémon Go has invaded all of our lives. Ok, maybe not all of our lives, but we’ve all read the crazy headlines about players running into real life problems (mostly cars) while hunting down Pikachus.

It may be difficult for those outside the game world to understand the obsession over Pokémon Go, but for devoted gamers, the ability to integrate the virtual world into the real world just took gaming to another level.

According to the Entertainment Software Association, 155 million Americans play video games—42% of them are gaming regularly. Probably more surprising, is that the average age of these gamers is 35, and their gender is nearly even at 59% Male, 41% Female.

Brands have tried to engage with gamers, but it’s not easy. Gamers are a group that actually appreciates a good storyline and values the experience over brand messaging. Getting a little creative pays off when trying to grab their attention.

Brands like McDonald’s, Stonyfield, and Zipcar have joined in the Pokémon Go world by sponsoring locations into Pokémon “gyms” or giving away free rides to players, and more brands are continuing to find creative ways to play a part.

Although like most crazes, Pokémon Go may simply just go, the approach of reaching consumers through gaming should be something advertisers continue to explore. Just watch out for those…