What happens when Brokaw’s internal motion design and post-production team gets together to talk growing up and moving out of their parents’ basement? You get Favorite Brother—one of Cleveland’s only high-end motion design studios! As a sister/brother company of Brokaw, we’ll still serve our current clients as well as other agencies, design/creative shops, and future clients.

If you’re wondering, “what is motion design?” Basically, it’s anything that moves. And these days, EVERYTHING moves. And the great thing about the motion design industry, is that it truly is all-encompassing. It’s not just traditional TV advertising (and nowadays pre-roll), it’s also broadcast show openers, animated infographics, fun brand videos, and let’s not forgot GIFs! Which is why we <3 it so much.

Here at Favorite Brother, that means we’ll provide: illustration, 2D and 3D animation, typographic design, live-action shooting, sound recording, direction, editing, color correction, VFX (visual effects), and compositing. And now’s a perfect time to shamelessly share this internal project we just finished that combines most of these aforementioned capabilities.

So stop by sometime and check out Favorite Brother’s new space. We’ve got tons of cool stuff, and only some of it is from our parents. We even created our own photo and live-action studio AND a sound recording and editing suite. What? Huh? Yeah.