“Hush-hush. Keep it down now. Voices carry.”
—Aimee Mann’s pre-Magnolia soundtrack band


Finding the right voice for your brand is sometimes literally like The Voice. It involves casting a lot of voices. A ton of voices. More voices than any sane person can imagine listening to. Right, Luke Sullivan, advertising luminary and author of Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This?

“Casting is everything. 100 auditions for one voice is average.”

All of which requires a lot of listening. A lot of patience. And sometimes, a whole lot of luck. Just to find one voice that can deliver your message with the right tone and personality to rise above the blah-blah cacophony of other voices fighting for the consumer’s attention.

So whether your brand is a humble and approachable hotel chain, a beautiful state (with an abominable college football team) that happens to be shaped like a giant mitten, or an overly reassuring mass transit system—finding the right voice can make sure your brand is coming through, well, loud and clear. Even if that voice isn’t a person at all.