Whether we’ve just hired you, or you just hired us, we like to give every new employee and client a How to Brokaw—it’s our agency manifesto, but we promise it’s not completely self-serving. In fact, there are useful marketing tips throughout it, including a quote we feel is extremely relevant these days.

How to Brokaw

After all, as much as marketing has become a science with programmatic buys, AI, big data, and ROI-analytics-obsessed marketing committees, let’s not forget that it’s still about talking to consumers as real people, not robots.

It’s still about telling very human, authentic, and inspiring brand stories that get people to act. Or think differently. Or change the world. Or, umm, buy more Cheetos.

In the words of Kentucky Fried Chicken Brand President, Kevin Hochman, who transitioned to an “education-plus humor strategy” and completely turned the brand around:

“If you don’t get their attention, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying.”

He should know. For the first time in decades, people are actually talking about KFC, and sales are growing.

Granted some people can’t stand KFC’s disruptive “Colonel” campaign. But that’s okay. As Yum! Brands CEO Greg Creed puts it:

“You can market to love and hate; you cannot market to indifference.”

IN SUMMARY: effective marketing connects to the heart, not the head.

Think about it. Actually, don’t.
Enjoy #ThatFridayFeeling, everybody!
(But definitely not #ThatFridayThinking)


– Your emotionally-connected friends at Brokaw

IN SUMMARY: Effective marketing connects to the heart, not the head.Think about it. Actually, don’t.

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