As an avid DIY-er, I’m all about refusing to buy that over-priced coffee table made out of scrap wood and just, well, doing it myself. But sometimes that 5-piece coffee table turns out to be the Taj Mahal (or anything from Ikea) and you have to call in the professionals. Just because pinterest says all you need are a couple of hours and a chop saw, doesn’t mean that you don’t face the risk of cutting off a finger. (Or making your kid cry on their birthday with the ugliest minion cake on the planet.)

Minion Cake Fail

In the age of rollable tv screens, alarm clocks that wake you up with the smell of bacon, and toys that teach toddlers how to code—it’s easy to think that all you need is a computer program and you’ll be an insta-designer. But as we’ve learned from the whole self-driving car thing, sometimes computers aren’t the best person for the job.

So here are 5 reminders why you should keep it professional.

Good design..

..makes a good first impression.

Research shows that it takes about 50 milliseconds (or less) for someone to form a first impression of you or your brand. And for websites in particular, 94% of that first impression is design related, not content related.

..makes a brand memorable.

Every piece of creative is an interaction with your audience. Cohesive design on all platforms helps your brand make sure consumers are getting the best impression possible.

..makes a brand stand out from the crowd.

Design is the thing that yells, “Hey! I’m the best! Waaay better than that guy next to me.” It draws consumers straight to you and cuts through what we affectionately call the “blah, blah.”

..leads to conversion.

Design is what takes a pitch and turns it into reality. And good design not only acts as a vehicle for the message, but also engages consumers and evokes a response. credibility.

Consumers are becoming more and more educated about the brands and products they’re including in their everyday lives. This means brands are competing even more for their audience’s trust.

So before you delve into DIY design, consider your favorite Do It Professional-ers, or, DIPs. Or some way, way better acronym.

Ikea Directions

-Your direction-following friends at Brokaw.