Let me take you back 24 years ago today…

It’s April 1, 1992. Everyone else in the world was hitting up Spencer Gifts at the mall to find the perfect prank that’ll have co-workers in stitches for months. You know, something brilliant like an irresistible tin of “peanut brittle.” But Bill Brokaw had something different on his to-do list. He opened the doors for fools everywhere by launching his own ad agency in Cleveland. Call it the ultimate prank…that’s not a prank…except it was led by funny people…but still not a prank.

So in honor of our founder, we’re not going to prank anyone today. Instead, we’re going to introduce a new idea that will hopefully change this business forever. Are you ready? (You might want to write this down.)


Yeah, you heard us. Sharkvertising. Advertising with sharks. Let me guess, you have questions. Most people do when they hear about something for the first time. Maybe some hypothetical examples will clear it up a little.

Say you sell fishing gear, so naturally, you’re targeting people who fish. How are you going to reach them when they’re on a boat in the ocean? Boom. Sharkvertising.


Want to unload your full stock of waterproof cameras? Sharkvertising.


Do you own a souvenir shark tooth shop? Sharkvertising.


Ok, so now you’re probably thinking…this is inhumane. But think about it. Sharks eat people. And people eat sharks. We’re not exactly friends, by nature. However, with this new trend, we could bring our two species closer together. This argument may seem like it’s riddled with holes, but ask yourself…is it?

Alright, well I think I pleaded my case to the best of my ability. We hope you don’t mind that we completely ignored April Fools’ Day and used this soapbox to introduce something exciting and new. We just feel that it’s exactly what Bill would’ve done if he hadn’t retired to pursue his dream with the NASA Space Program. Bring us back some astronaut ice cream, Bill!