Brokaw Motion’s new website launching in 3…2…1…month ago.

It’s here, everybody! It’s here! Our very own talented group of animaniacs have unleashed a website that showcases their impressive catalog of work.

Since the days of Saul Bass, motion graphics have been an effective solution for title sequences, commercials, and the band A-ha. And with the right campaign and strategy in place, it can be the perfect tool for brands to reach consumers—and their imaginations.

Bro Mo

Brands from Chipotle to Coke to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (take a bow, us!) have produced stylized eye candy that nails their brand essence, tells a story, and clearly communicates their message. And let’s not forget Oreo’s charming Wonderfilled campaign that—like in the song itself—made everyone who watched it want an Oreo…or an entire sleeve of them. (Don’t judge me.)

So, is motion graphics right for your next TV or video campaign? Yes. No. Well, maybe. It all depends on your brand, strategy, target audience, and 20 other buzzwords. Or if your products are super cool smartphone cases.

So, when you’re ready to promote exciting news in a visually exciting way—like if you’re the new official healthcare partner of the Cleveland Browns—consider adding some motion to your brand’s ocean. (Sorry.)