Data, data, data. It’s everywhere. In the media department here at Brokaw, we often refer to the way we use data as “creepy.”

And it is a little creepy, right? Using data to determine where you go, how you shop, your favorite apps, etc. and then serving you ads at and in those places?

we will find you and data target you meme

But what if we could use data as part of a story about a brand? We are, after all, a species that learns and communicates through stories.

Spotify’s recent campaign utilizing real bits of data from actual users and their playlists is a great example. And also a good reason to be nervous about your various playlists ending up in a TV spot like, say, Celebrate CLE made in honor of the Cavs championship or Toe Tapping for office cube dance breaks or Krista Chill for when manipulating piles of data just gets way too stressful.

But no matter how you use your data, just remember: story comes first.

Have a data-licious weekend, everyone! (Preferably with a certain someone’s Dinner Party playlist that—BRAG ALERT—has 11 followers.)

– Your on-the-numbers friends at Brokaw.