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Best-case scenario, everyone’s going to be hunkering down at home for the holidays.

And given you’ve probably run through the entire Netflix catalog already (and maybe even gotten weirdly into chess?), we compiled some other seasonal content to keep you busy.

It turns out that tons of brands have offered their very fun takes on the iconic Yule log—and these are NOT your grandpa’s high-maintenance, wood-burning, “where’s my bellows?!” embers.

We gathered some of the best ones here, so you can get started on burning these bad boys:

10. Sizzling Bacon Yule log from Applegate

Featuring chestnuts bacon roasting on an open fire.

9. Real California Cheese Log


8. West Elm’s Minimal Fireplace

It’s like if a Bond villain were celebrating the holidays.

7. Jimmy Dean’s Sizzling Sausages

Breakfast meat again, but this one shows more angles.  

6. Captain America’s Living Room

Points docked for no Chris Evans appearance.

5. Anthropologie’s trendy Yule log

Those hand-knit stockings probably cost more than my entire wardrobe.

4. Justin Boots’ open range Yule log

Ruggedly charming!

3. LEGO Yule log

 “Building a fire” has never been so literal.

2. Krispy Kreme’s Happy Holiglazer

Mesmerizing. Mouthwatering. Yes.

1. Budweiser’s yule log

If the fire doesn’t warm your heart, the interspecies friendship will.

Honorable mention: AM/FM’s dumpster fire Yule log, for turning our feelings into highly flammable reality.

And should you still crave the real thing, your collection of Amazon boxes, invitations for since-cancelled weddings, and all those take-out receipts make for great kindling.

Here’s to rising from the ashes in 2021.

Have a happy everything, at-home holiday extravaganza, everybody!

 —Your forever-festive friends at Brokaw

We compiled some seasonal content to keep you busy

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