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Whether you’re a “Lover,” or if she makes you see “Red,” you have to admit: Taylor Swift has a well-earned “Reputation” for being a skilled marketer straight out of “Folklore.”

So, what can a crossover pop star teach you about staying relevant “Evermore”?

And how many more album references can we cram into a 300-word-ish missive?

Let’s find out!

Revisit the archives

Tay-tay has always been prolific. I mean, she produced two pandemic-era albums quicker than Usain Bolt could say, “That was fast.” But she has recently focused on rerecording six of her existing albums. And she’s not just rehashing them—she’s actually improved on her work.

Which is to say: if Taylor Swift can revisit her old stuff, you can certainly dust off some of your favorite killed concepts, too.

Tease it out

Taylor knows that to set her Swifties’ hearts a-flutter, she merely has to post some weirdly cropped picture with a vague caption, and they’ll take all the hype from there. Have we wasted days trying to decipher her Easter eggs? Yes. Will we do it again? Likely.

She’s mastered the art of sharing just enough to get people talking without giving it all away—which is always a strong approach to visuals, too. Right, McDonald’s?

Keep your cards close

In 2016, Ms. Swift learned the hard way that bad press can lead to some serious “Bad Blood.” Nowadays, she rarely gives interviews, but her media placements are wildly methodical. (Like, “billboards with longform copy” levels of detail.)  

She hand-selects outlets, sticks to her core message, and directs the focus to her work. In other words: our dream media strategy.

So there you have it: just some of the reasons that, when crafting ads, you should feel no shame in stopping to ask, “WWTSD?” If you object, “Speak Now.”

Have a party-like-it’s-“1989” weekend, everybody!

– Your “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” friends at Brokaw

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