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I read the room (and scanned the “WFHFail” hashtag), and determined we could all use a morale boost. Not just to break up the parade of heather gray, oatmeal-stained sweatpants, but because happy people are creative people.

It’s science!

So this week, we’re taking a cue from eternal everyman John Krasinski and his effort to share some good news. Set your Teams status to “away” and prepare to feel your cold heart thaw. We’re sharing delightful diversions, all for the good of your work, of course.

Here are the stories—both gut-busting and heart-warming—that made us smile this week.

A bear-y good citizen

While we’re staying safe and healthy inside, our furry friends in the wilderness are ensuring that everything stays in order.

People helping people

Two New Yorkers sent out a casual Facebook request that became a mass recruitment effort. Over 1,300 volunteers now deliver food, medicine, and good old-fashioned small talk to those who are the most vulnerable to coronavirus.

Penguins taking a field trip

Penguins from the Shedd Aquarium finally got the run of the place. (If it were up to me, this would’ve happened a long time ago.) They waddled around their home and made a bunch of new friends. Turns out the key to a good first impression is donning a tuxedo.

Dog overwhelmed with joy

Rolo is a seven-year-old dachshund. And he’s so happy to spend more time with his family at home that he actually sprained his tail from wagging it too much. Don’t worry: Rolo’s on the mend. But our hearts may never recover.

Brokaw turning 28

You better believe we made like GLBC super-fan Alice and toasted appropriately. Here’s to 280 more!

Let us know if we missed any—we have to crack some briefs and make the most of this happiness buzz before it wears off.

Have the best weekend you can, everybody!

Your always-optimistic friends at Brokaw

Set your Teams status to “away” and prepare to feel your cold heart thaw.

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