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We’re less than a week from the NFL Draft (aka Cleveland’s Super Bowl!), and all the talk is focused on the quarterbacks. Which QB will go #1 to the Browns? How will the Giants and Jets address the position? Will the Bills trade up to get their guy? With quite a few QBs expected to be taken in the 1st round, teams have some serious talent to evaluate. And if you think about it, deciding on which campaign concept to take to market is not all that different from selecting a QB to lead a team. Don’t believe me? Let’s review the game film.

Sound fundamentals / Josh Rosen

Sometimes a campaign is just so fundamentally sound, it seems like it has to work. But will it be great? Will it emotionally connect? This is a great logical choice, but something about the tone raises a red flag. (The Rosen One answers questions about his personality, here.)

Personality fit / Sam Darnold

And we all know, staying on brand is a big deal. Campaigns and QBs who fit the culture are more likely to succeed. (Even Rosen’s college coach believes Darnold would be the best fit in blue collar Cleveland.) Maybe you can improve on some of the shortcomings of a campaign idea if it comes from the right core.

The stats / Baker Mayfield

Then there’s the campaign idea that would seem to have some limitations, but all the concept testing says this is the optimal direction. (Metrics models love Baker Mayfield. Just ask QBASE!) Will you trust the data 100% or combine your own observations with what the numbers tell you?

Talent upside / Josh Allen

You’ve all seen this concept before—the one that hasn’t performed well in your standard analyses so far but has the potential that no other idea possesses. You get caught daydreaming about what’s possible, even if the numbers aren’t in its favor.

No matter the path you take, once you turn in the card to draft your campaign of choice, the speculation is over, and it’s time to stand behind the decision. You’ll need to be a champion for its success, developing the campaign through the bumps in the road along the way. Just please don’t “pull a Browns” and draft a second-rate option that will end up as the latest punchline of the world’s longest joke (insert Shelly jersey).

Have an overthinking-it pre-draft weekend, everyone!

–Your always-at-the-center-of-the-sports-universe friends at Brokaw.

Once you turn in the card to draft your campaign of choice, the speculation is over, and it’s time to stand behind the decision.

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