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So: GameStop!

You know the story by now: a bunch of independent Reddit investors decided to juice the numbers for an almost-extinct brick and mortar retailer.

Some Redditors have gained millions (why was I was left off that group text?) while hedge funds lost big—and who knows what will have happened by the time you read this?

But at some point, the game will, um, stop—consequences will ripple out, and we’ll definitely have movies about this.

While some people were racing their scripts to Netflix HQ, I gleaned lessons we can apply in our line of work. (Talk about return on investment!)

Community is everything

Behind all the GameStop brouhaha is a bunch of people who are having a blast—proving that amazingly weird things can happen when we band together.

While brands typically don’t aim to turn a global institution inside out, being that we’re all currently suffering from a lack of IRL experiences, there’s a real opportunity to engage with your followers by investing in social media managers whose interactions can help build brand loyalty. THEN you can all take over the world together.

Don’t underestimate nostalgia

It’s telling that Redditors flocked to GameStop and AMC, two companies that have been hit hard by the pandemic—and have some serious clout in Nostalgia Land.

That warm and fuzzy feeling doesn’t just influence what stocks people pick. Those in the know predict our collective “yearning for the Before Times” will play a large part in the big game’s biggest commercials.

Speak like a person

Basically every website published explainers on the GameStop saga, laying it out as simply as possible. Which means we all learned a bunch of stuff they never showed in “Wall Street.” (Thanks for nothing, Michael Douglas.)

To keep potential consumers similarly educated, keep your content short. And simple. And talk like a human-person. They’ll walk away with a new learning and hopefully lots of new whatever it is you make/do.

Now that’s all cleared up, tune in for next week’s newsletter, where we’ll be discussing Dogecoin. (And how it’s nothing compared to our new cyber currency: Space Nickels.)

Have a fiscally responsible weekend, everybody!

—Your emotionally-invested friends at Brokaw

There is stuff to learn about marketing from the whole GameStop thing

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