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Bigger is better? Nice try, little guy. It’s 2019, and we love limited quantities (of Arby’s subscription boxes), microscopic portraits (we’re talking grains of rice), and baby-sized food for grown-ups.

This literal small-mindedness extends to social media marketing. Make way for the newest movers and shakers in the FaceTwitInsta sphere: the nano-influencers. In increasingly fragmented markets, brands are turning to these personalities to cater to the most specific of niches.

Influencer marketing began so your favorite celeb could recommend their can’t-live-without (whatever) to you as if you’re branded BFFs. With nano-influencers, the tastemaker actually is your best friend, albeit with a #sponcon-studded social feed.

As you can imagine, the benefits—for all involved—go beyond friendship bracelets:  

Low price

Nano-influencers have anywhere from 1,000-5,000 followers, which means their services are much less expensive than dropping $250k to have Kendall Jenner post about your doomed music festival. Oftentimes, these localized posters will even accept a free product as payment, which is great for brands trying to spread the word and stretch their budgets.

Low risk

Working with big names isn’t just expensive. It’s risky to associate with stars embroiled in scandals like, say, buying their way into college. So while “real people” may have their faults (visible pores, non-famous parents), they’re often a safer bet. And since nano-influencers often have their eye on expanding their following, they’ll work hard to deliver the best content possible.

High engagement

According to a recent survey, nano-influencers on Instagram were able to engage up to 8.7 percent of their audience compared to just 1.7 percent for celebrity influencers, which, for the non-CFOs out there, is over five times as much. It’s almost like the phrase “quality, not quantity” is…true? Also consider that these “real people” don’t have to deal with the tons of bots, inactive accounts, and fake followers that inflate celebrities’ ratios.

So the next time someone encourages you to think big, pull out your shrink-ray. Because when you get teeny-tiny, you get results. (And you don’t need a magnifying glass to see them.)

Have an enormously wonderful weekend, everybody!

Your small (agency-award-winning) friends at Brokaw


Make way for the newest movers and shakers in the FaceTwitInsta sphere: the nano-influencers.

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