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Yes, I am jumping on the bandwagon. The Matthew Dellavedova (a.k.a. “Delly”) bandwagon that is. Why? Not only because Delly has been killing it in the NBA finals, but because he can teach us several important marketing lessons. (I know. I know. It might seem like a stretch. In fact, it might seem like I really just want to talk about the Cavs…but I promise, there’s something here.)


Delly Lesson 1: Bandwagon-ing isn’t all that bad.

Jumping on the bandwagon has negative connotations, but just as Cleveland has jumped on the Delly bandwagon, bandwagons can help us in the marketing world, especially in the digital realm. For example, it becomes easier to acquire new followers as your fan base grows (i.e., as more people jump on the bandwagon). A large group of engaged supporters automatically adds credibility to a business and has a documented effect on SEO/SERP rankings. See more here.

Delly Lesson 2: Accept what’s ownable.

Sometimes as marketers, we have a great idea for a campaign, tactic, or product, but then the consumer gets in the way and mucks it all up and makes it their own. But hey, just like how “Dellavedova” has turned into “Delly,” sometimes you just have to go with what the consumer wants (or can pronounce), and it’ll blow up into something big. Just like how Converse owned the fact that their customers took their beautifully produced shoes and made them into their own—by drawing on them, adding new laces, or simply wearing them out until they looked ragged. Like Delly Teen Wolf ragged.

Delly Lesson 3: Being a Relatable Brand.

Dellavedova can teach us how being a relatable brand leads to a large fan base. People like brands they can relate to. And Delly is a brand people can relate to. Whether you were the all-out hustler in grade school basketball, diving over people for the ball like Delly, or whether Delly is like your annoying little brother, whose flailing arms always got in the way of your shots—he’s relatable. Sure, LeBron is awesome, and we love him. But LeBron is like a Ferrari. And if you’re anything like me, you can’t relate to driving a Ferrari. But you can relate to driving your humble, little Mazda with the missing hubcap that powers through the Cleveland sleet, fog, and snow. You love it and will always defend its reliability—regardless of its lack of flashiness. In fact, Delly was so relatable, he blew up the Internet Tuesday night …Oh yeah, shutting down Curry helps build your fan base, too.

So while there are about 3 million other lessons we could learn from Delly (persistence, stepping it up when it matters, a great handshake, being aggressive, etc.), you’ve probably been up late every other night watching the Cavs, and you’re exhausted, so we’ll end it here. See, that wasn’t too much of a stretch. Right?


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