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It finally happened! The cast of Friends reunited to talk about being friends and reminisce about the show Friends! All the friends were there: Ross, Rachel, the other four. It’s a can’t-miss experience for Friends fans like me! Yay, Friends!

Listen, I have to come clean about something. I didn’t watch it. To be honest, I never liked that show. (Sorry, friends of Friends.) There’s just nothing really special about it, but somehow, it was worthy of a billion dollar reunion special.

So why are we still yapping about it? Because sometimes, in both advertising and unoriginal sitcoms, the difference between blah and beloved is 1% of brilliance. In Friends’ case, that comes down to a few elements to (begrudgingly) appreciate:  

The chemistry

Even though there are two characters in this show who check the box for “too dumb to be a person” (only one per sitcom, Friends!), the chemistry between the actors is undeniably good. So good that NBC was able to squeeze 10 money-making seasons out of one will-they-won’t-they relationship. Cha-ching!

The sets

Ok, forget that it takes place in NYC (eye-roll face-palm combo); the world they created is pretty desirable. I mean, who hasn’t dreamed of walking into one of those apartments and saying, “Hey gang, it’s me, the seventh friend!” And then heading down to Central Perk for a cup of Joe before going fountain dancing or whatever. (Dang it, now I’m starting to kind of wish I was a Friend.)

The episode titles

I criticize the show for being cliché. But I have to admit, the “The One” device is a pretty great idea. It makes the show feel more human and real. It gives die-hards a memorable and quotable tool. Heck, it even made a nitpicky jerk like me smile and say, “Cute.” (Touché, Friends.)

The song

Music matters. And even though “I’ll Be There For You” isn’t…good, it really (sigh) works. If you don’t agree, maybe my version of the open will help convince you otherwise.

Wow, after reading this, it would seem that I might actually like Friends. But I’m simply using it to make a point: even when an idea feels uninspired, there are always opportunities to make it (so-called) great. Even if that idea is a derivative vanilla snoozer that will never be as good as its peers, IM(H?)O.

Have a friend-filled, Friends-less weekend, everybody!

—Your besties at Brokaw

P.S. Is this a bad time to show me having a great time on the set of Friends?

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