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There’s an old ad saying, “Nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising.” Which might help explain why the movie Carrie was a flop after opening night, despite a brilliant experiential “prankvertising” ad that was viewed more than 56 million times.

This old adage also might explain why the first thing The Richards Group did after landing the Motel 6 account in 1985 was convince their new client to reallocate millions of marketing dollars to improve their motel rooms and the overall experience. Only after the major operational problems were fixed did they focus on advertising, launching arguably the greatest, most effective radio campaign of all time that still cuts through today.

Bottom line is, a great marketing campaign, experiential ad, and/or viral stunt will help increase top-of-mind awareness and make more people aware of your product. However, if the actual experience and/or product doesn’t live up to the hype, well then, we got problems, Houston.

(No pressure, Johnny—but for the record, we’re not just buying into the hype; we’re helping create it.)

You can do it, Johnny!

-Your friends in Believeland

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