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All young whippersnappers care about nowadays is internet, internet, internet! But back in our day, we read the newspaper uphill, both ways—and that was when the ads even had longform copy.

I kid, I kid…kind of.

With 82% of American households on the internet as of 2016, it’s not surprising that priorities shifted, and media plans were shaped to make their mark on the web.

Because, of course, digital ads reach people on computers.

But here’s the thing: traditional media reaches people who are off their computers. (Did I just blow your mind? Feel free to send me your dry cleaning bill.)

OG media also engages people whose phone batteries have died. And potential customers who are milling about, waiting to see and feel seen. And even people who still don’t know how to launch a web browser (Would love to shout out my grandma here, if only she’d see this!).

While Online Ads still head up the cool kids table, Traditional Media provides an opportunity to expand your audience, and light up the night.

Still not convinced? Then get the best of both worlds with a crowd-pleasing, integrated media marketing mix.

It gets you a consistent reach while saving money (hooray for package deals!), plus you have access to a more diverse audience when you go ‘and’ instead of ‘or.’

So when you’re planning your next stellar campaign, don’t forget to mix in some tried-and-true favorites alongside the more #trending placements.  

Have a weekend that’s fit to print, everybody!

-Your Beyond The Web friends at Brokaw

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