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I’m too exhausted for TikTok. Don’t get me wrong: I love swiping through, scrolling down, and scowling at social media as much as anyone. But tuning in to another platform trying to convince me of what I already know (in this case, the undeniable bop-ness of “…Baby One More Time”) is a bad use of my time.

So I was relieved when Instagram introduced “Reels” late last week. True, it’s not the most unique idea—originality isn’t really Insta’s strong suit—but the Reels feature seems like a solid alternative to the ol’ double T, especially considering TikTok’s potential stateside ban.

Only time will tell if this new storytelling medium will go the way of Quibi. But until then, here are some Reel-y good tips to play on an infinite loop in your brain.

Be deliberate

As this AdWeek article points out, it’s easy to chase the newest hot tech—but it’s more important to diversify your channels. Don’t post just to post. (Post because we want to see your John Mulaney lip-sync.)

Be real

Some of the most successful TikToks take place in the bathroom. Hygienic? Nope. Important? Surprisingly, yes. It proves people are drawn to authentic, real content instead of insanely high production values. This powder room wisdom will likely apply to Reels, too.

Be resourceful

To that last point, you don’t have to become a content factory, churning out clips to appease the almighty Zuckerberg. You can use existing content, pulled from your blog or other social channels, and make it work.

Be consistent

For the time being, it’s okay to stick with what you know—especially if that’s hugely popular Instagram Stories, which have outsized success in attracting interested new customers.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some very important, short-video-clip-driven rabbit holes to jump down.

Have a weekend worth recording, everybody!

– Your always original friends at Brokaw

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