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This week marked the kickoff of the 3rd annual digital New-Fronts—a play on television’s venerable upfronts, but for digital programming. And while many are touting a “post TV world,” we’re actually in more of a pre-post TV world.

What the huh is a pre-post TV world?

It means that right now, most people watch what they want, when they want it. But in general, they’re still watching it on TV. (Unless they’re in the bedroom.)

Millennials, however, are beyond a “post” TV world —they may not even own one! Just stop five people under the age of 30 on the street and ask them how they watch their favorite TV shows. It’s likely 2 – 3 of them will say their tablet, laptop, or TV (this according to our super official internal BRO-poll and Deloitte).

Which means brands have to think more like a show, and less like a sponsor, while still selling the goods. And the best way to do that is with creative digital content distributed in strategic, well-thought-out ways.

So how do you go from a 60-second TV spot to a 15-second branded digital mini-movie? You hire Bro Mo of course! Just kidding (not really).

Here are three simple steps:

  1. Get a deep understanding of your target audience, including the other media they are consuming, and how your competitors are targeting them.
  2. Create breakthrough content that rises above the blah blah on their YouTube or FreeTV playlist.
  3. Include an easy way for them to BUY RIGHT NOW! and watch the sales roll in!

Sure, living in a pre-post TV world can seem scary. But that’s why there’s a certain, shamelessly-self-promotional, creati-strategi-digital agency in Cleveland to help guide you through.

Exit pop-ups are .007% less annoying than intro pop-ups.

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