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Really honest advertising advice

It’s been a weird year for marketers navigating the unexpected, pandemic-inflicted trends—which cover everything from dismal razor sales to WFH fashion. (P.S. If you’re still clean-shaven and wearing jeans, we salute you.)

And with a “breaking news” ticker that never seems to take a day off from delivering game-changing, world-shaking bulletins, it might seem more difficult than ever to stay relevant.

But as brands work to zig, zag, or glow up in any number of ways, remember there’s one constant: Relatability rules. And you can put it to action in a bunch of different ways.

The nail-on-the-head hyperbole

Match.com paired Satan with the human embodiment of 2020 for a match made in hell. It drove home the wtf-ness of this year in an exaggerated way—that also happened to be painfully, horrifically accurate.

Given that spot’s soundtrack, it’s worth mentioning that Taylor Swift fandom may just be the one thing that unites us all, evermore. (See what I did there?)

The knowing nod

There’s nothing like a warm, human “we’ve all been there” kind of message to get people nodding in agreement and seeking your now-approachable-seeming business. Take a cue from this new billboard creative that reps our honest-to-goodness, totally awesome friends at Mechanics Bank.

The cheeky chuckle

The best part about laughing is that it’s much better than crying. Enter: our new agency masks featuring the same Brokaw-ness-isms that get delivered to your inbox on a weekly basis. (BTW: Thanks for subscribing.)

Because when you put words in unexpected places, people notice and maybe smile. Honestly, it’s hard to tell because of the masks. But you can’t beat that media placement.

Have a genuinely amazing weekend, everybody!

—Your always-keeping-it-100 friends at Brokaw

Relatability rules.

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