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Perhaps you have trouble sticking to New Year’s resolutions.

That’s fine! And totally understandable.

Who wants to “exercise more” when Netflix just released a new season of “Emily in Paris”?

So instead of handing down mandates for whipping your brand into shape, we’re kindly offering some suggestions for making this year a little bit all-around better.

Maybe you can right some wrongs.

A recent “Wheel of Fortune” contestant learned the hard way that long pauses are forbidden in Pat Sajak’s domain. She hesitated before giving the correct answer—a technicality that cost her a brand-new car.

But then! Audi stepped in and gifted her the Q3 as a “consolation prize.” It was a brilliant PR move that put the car maker squarely on the Nice List.

Of course, you may not have the resources to send every disgruntled customer a luxury automobile. However: you can use social listening to surprise and delight customers who have taken to Facebook to air their grievances, Festivus-style.

Maybe you can make the most of what you have.

Sure, you can put “RECORD-BREAKING SALES” on your 2022 vision board. But there’s also something to making your resources work for you—like Reddit’s five-second Super Bowl ad did.

Especially in the context of Big Game campaigns, this low-tech spot stood out. It even got some people to pause their TVs (!) so that they could fully take in an ad (!!!). Plus, online buzz after the fact meant they got even more bang for their buck.

So by all means, dream big. But don’t be afraid to keep it simple.

Maybe you can loosen the heck up.

Take a note from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. (Yes, really.) Their Twitter account has accumulated over 20,000 followers, and even garnered some celebrity fans.

All because they’ve turned a seemingly mundane and decidedly gross topic into a funny, engaging, and surprisingly deep timeline.

If they can spin actual crap into content gold, well, then, we think it’s looking pretty good for your brand, too.


Maybe this will be your year after all.

Have a glass-half-full weekend, everybody!

—Your cautiously-but-abundantly-optimistic friends at Brokaw

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