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“Great advertising makes the quantum leap from intrusion to reward. From blind date to head-over-heels.” -Brokaw

If you’ve not read it yet, the book of Brokaw points out some interesting truths on marketing and how to execute it successfully. The book includes the above quote, reminding us that advertising, as we know it, is usually an interruption to our happy, normal, everyday lives. Take, for example, this subtle but effective intrusion from Dunkin’ Donuts…

…or this slightly-less-subtle yet equally effective intrusion from TNT.

Both examples start out as disturbances to the customer, and end up leaving them better off (whether by the great, free smells of eye-opening fresh-roasted coffee or from the joy of witnessing a live police shootout).

For the past nine weeks our lovely, talented, gorgeous, cream-of-the-crop, talented interns who, incidentally, wrote this week’s newsletter (did we mention they’re talented?) have received a crash-course on how to properly intrude on everyday life, in a manner that leaves the customer smiling.

These intrusions have included:

  • Pulling a 75-ton Boeing 737 with a large rope and our bare hands to help raise over $45k for the Special Olympics
  • Flying halfway across the country to perform on-the-street market research on behalf of Fazoli’s
  • Handing out fresh hot coffee and newspapers to celebrate “Business Traveler Appreciation Day” at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
  • Distributing free coloring books and coupons to children and their mothers (respectively) for a national client
  • Pestering our friends on social media to read our masterpiece of a blog
  • Dressing up in unfathomably hot mascot outfits to direct Cleveland commuters to a free breakfast courtesy of Bob Evans

In doing so, our interns have learned, firsthand, the value of a happy intrusion. In doing so, they’ve also learned a little bit more about “How to Brokaw.” So if any of the above end up accosting you in the near future, think twice before running away. That intrusion may very well leave you head-over-heels.

Exit pop-ups are .007% less annoying than intro pop-ups.

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