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So, I’ve been sucked into a black hole.

No, I’m not talking about the recently discovered (and uniquely photogenic) Powehi—although, it’d be an honor!

Rather, I’ve spiraled into a never-ending whorl of podcasts. I’ve curated go-to’s for any mood: “Marie Kondo-ing my entire apartment” mood, “cooking (okay, reheating)” mood, “going ten over the limit while scouting for speed traps” mood.

Binge listening should keep me occupied for a while: there are over 700,000 podcasts to choose from (700,001 once your quippiest friend reads this post), with over 29 million episodes to burn through.

Which equates to a lot of content that’s ripe for sponsoring.

If owning the ears of a captive audience didn’t reel you in, consider that in the last year, podcast monthly listening grew to 26% (jumping to 32% among A25-54). Here are a few other reasons to consider podcasts for your next media plan:

Better brand recall

Vital Farms, MeUndies, Ring, ZipRecruiter, Sleep Number.

If that reads like a word salad of random start-ups, that’s because it is. But they’re also five companies I listed off the top of my head who happen to frequently advertise on my favorite podcast (Armchair Expert, for the Wi-Fi-enabled-record. Dax Shepard, if you’re reading this: hit me up.)

And I’m not alone in recollecting. A recent study found that podcast advertising leads to over four times better brand recall than display ads. That’s a stat to plant in your subconscious!

Quality message

I’d be telling a very specific lie if I said I wasn’t interested to see how programmatic, pre-recorded audio commercials will perform for podcasts. But I also appreciate the value of sponsored messages delivered straight from the host, AKA the surrogate best friend who lives in my phone. Other listeners are with me on this.

Longer shelf life

People discover their favorite podcasts at different speeds. So while a subscriber might be quick to click the latest episode, a different listener might not get hip to the newest podcast until a few months down the line. What do they have in common? They BOTH get to experience your wonderful ad, which knows no flight limit.

In conclusion: when you’re trying to convert customers, maximize your media plan by including a podcast buy. And when you’re living life, try to forget that the almighty vortex Powehi is ominously dangling in outer space.

Have an extended time warp of a weekend, everybody!

-Your always-attentive friends at Brokaw

Podcast advertising leads to over four times better brand recall than display ads. That’s a stat to plant in your subconscious!

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