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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since we last sent an O-News. (Virtual high-fives to dad joke enthusiasts everywhere.) Luckily, a little holiday hiatus allowed me plenty of time to consult with my crystal ball and project the top marketing trends for the coming year.

So buckle up, because we’re blasting full speed ahead to the (probable) heights of 2019.


Traditional influencers and micro-influencers will still be paramount for depicting your product in an authentic way. About 93% of influencer programs utilized Instagram, so don’t forget that password! (Unless they roll out that horrific horizontal scrolling again.) And when you’re clout-watching for new talent, be sure to scour Twitch. The extended universe of live-streaming and e-sports will be a great resource to tap into.

One more thing: this year, the FTC is cracking down on #sponcon. (Is this the dystopia Blade Runner promised?) Disclosure will be heavily monitored, so double check your influencers are marking posts with #ad or #sponsored.


One-third of online activity is spent watching video. Specifically, those that are short and sweet: the most viewed brand videos on YouTube were 31–60 seconds long.

In a more modern twist, virtual reality will stay hyped this year. These 3D, immersive experiences are always engaging. If you can use this tech in an original way, the “Best of 2019” lists are yours to top.  


Since MIT is developing technology that “learns language more like a baby than a machine,” we’re one step closer to the robots taking over.

I, for one, fully accept our android overlords, and I encourage every brand to do the same. Whether implemented through websites or Facebook Messenger, chatbots can become fully capable of understanding customer questions and requests, which will save you tons of time and effort (and only maybe cause the downfall of civilization).


Instagram has over 400 million daily users and is the most popular social media platform. Stories, its “disappearing content” feature, displays exclusively vertical. Ipso facto, shooting things hot-dog style will be the best way to showcase your content. And help determine the ultimate champion of 2018.

Yes, it’s going to be wild out there. But as always, we’re here to help you navigate the treacherous worlds of maybe robot coups and social media ephemera.

Have one finger on the pulse—and a wonderful year!

– Your on-trend friends at Brokaw.

A little holiday hiatus allowed me plenty of time to consult with my crystal ball and project the top marketing trends for the coming year.

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