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In an alternate universe, today would be the opening ceremony for the 2020 summer games. Alas, we have to wait until next year to half understand the nuances of synchronized swimming—the sport I obsessively follow for two weeks every four years. Of course, I’ll miss the hilarious nose plugs. But also, the all-encompassing, morale boosting, weirdly uniting power of the Olympics.

Since we could all use a celebration—and so those polished and festooned metal circles don’t go to waste—I have some thoughts as to whom and what deserve 24-karat recognition right now.

Parents in TikToks

TikTok has turned everyone into a filmmaker and relegated famous directors to supporting roles. So here’s to the moms and dads suckered into doing the “Renegade” for the entire world to see. While we wouldn’t add TikTok to your media plan, we do recommend it for bridging the generational gap…and learning sick (borderline synchronized!) choreography.


Whether you baked sourdough bread, whisked up whipped coffee, or got really into taxidermy, dioramas, or at-home acupuncture (jk, don’t do that): thank you. As everyone occupies themselves with these niche amusements, we’ve managed to avoid an “anything goes” situation straight out of “The Purge.”  


We’ve always been one nation under Netflix, but recent events have shown the measures we’ll take to avoid alone time with our brains. At first, it was “Tiger King,” but since then, we’ve seen a lot of clever options for escaping 22 minutes at a time.

Also, Quibi, the ill-fated streaming platform dedicated to bite-sized shows, deserves a participation ribbon. Not for its WTF-worthy programming, but because the think pieces dissecting its demise have been delightful.


It’s free. It feels good. And it now has Icelandic ties. Need I say more?

Yes, it’s a total bummer we can’t rally around Team USA this summer—but in the meantime, let’s celebrate the small victories that keep us going. And release primal shrieks at some unsuspecting glaciers.

Have a record-breaking (in a good way) weekend, everybody!

—Your solid gold friends at Brokaw

Yes, it’s a total bummer we can’t rally around Team USA this summer—but let’s celebrate the small victories that keep us going.

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