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Here we are. Thanksgiving 2020. Reflecting on everything that went right this year despite all that’s gone, um…not super right? Since we can’t celebrate our annual BrosGiving in person this year, I surveyed my coworkers on what they’re thankful for. Here’s what a few had to say:

“The fact that the demand for turkey, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole ingredients is not as high as that for toilet paper (AGAIN).”

“That Shelly is immune to COVID.”

“I’m thankful that despite being separated, everyone’s managed to still work together like a kick-ass team.”

“Working from home which has allowed me to spend extra time with my kids. Being home with family was a silver lining in an otherwise stressful year.”

“My Favorite Brother, Gregg. (Okay, he’s my only brother, but I’m still thankful.)”


And before we all virtually gather not-together, allow us to also express our genuine thanks to you, readers of this nearly world famous weekly “news” letter. We appreciate you spending time with us and look forward to splitting a can of gourmet-ish cranberry sauce with you next year.

Have a particularly thankful Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

-Your perpetually grateful friends at Brokaw

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