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We’re going to let you behind the Bro curtain and share a simple test you can do to ensure your #content doesn’t drown in a sea of, you know, other #content. We call it the C.S.T. (Common Sense Test), and it’s comprised of just one ultra-scientific question:

“Would I really do it?”

Since we all work in the crazy world of marketing (or if you don’t, thanks for reading our weekly newsletter anyway—especially you, Uncle Keith), it’s easy to forget that we’re also consumers. And even if we’re not the target, we still consume media like human beings. We know what we like, and, well, what annoys the heck out of us.

So, let’s C.S.T. some C.T.A.s (Calls To Action).

CTA: Like our page
Ask yourself: Do I really like this? Like, like like it? Instead of focusing on your page’s likes or follower count, home in on creating high-quality posts that increase engagement and keep them coming back. Eventually, that quality will bringeth the quantity.

CTA: Free trial!
Ask yourself: What’s the catch? Sure, you may hook a few freebie-hungry minnows, but without a follow-up effort to turn trial-ers into buyers, your customer acquisition plan is set up to fail. Cue sad trombones.

CTA: Text a keyword to a short code
Ask yourself: Is this worth the data? Make sure the payoff is justified. Odds are your target is already deeply engaged in contacting their textdoor neighbor—so what you’re offering needs to be worth the added effort.

And that, folks, is the magical C.S.T. Pretty mind blowing, right?

Yes, we’re well aware you can’t just go to your client and/or creatives with the results from your focus-group-of-one and kill their prized idea. But it allows you to ask thoughtful follow-up questions like: “What needs to change to get me to take action?” And then provide constructive feedback (with a smile, if that’s your thing).

Sure, it seems insanely simple. But in the words of Steve Jobs: “Simple can be harder than complex.”

Have a weekend that’s engineered for perfection, everybody!

—Your mostly-human friends at Brokaw

We’re letting you behind the Bro curtain to share a test you can do to ensure your content doesn’t drown in a sea of, you know, #content.

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