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When she’s not giving away End-of-Summer Mystery Boxes of Destiny, Brokaw’s famous Shelly the Mannequin starts every day with a voice search for the weather because, duh, how else would she know what to wear?

Audio-only inquiries are becoming more and more common: 60.5 million people (and one iconic window model) use voice-enabled digital assistants—like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana—monthly. 47% of millennials are yelling questions/demands at inanimate objects on a daily basis. And voice search is gaining traction in the healthcare, financial, and communication industries.

With no slowdown in sight, there are a few key ways brands can prime themselves to best ride this rising (sound) wave.

Use natural language in your online assets.

When it comes to voice searches, it’s important to be simple, specific, and conversational. (Also good advice for navigating weird first date small talk.) Think about how people verbally ask a question, not how they would type it into a search engine.

And incorporate the question words—who, what, where, when, why, and how—into your content to ensure Alexa delivers potential customers to your digital doorstep. Hosting an FAQ page on your site can help with this.

Consistently produce new content.

This is a general rule for SEO that applies in the audio cue department, too. Continually updating and creating new site content with external and internal link building will help drive your voice search rankings. Consider keeping a blog that addresses trends in your industry. Or you could make it a newsletter, but get real: no one reads those anyway (wink!).

Turn on your location.

Since more people are searching with expressions like “[insert trendy food/hobby/pet] near me,” incorporating location-specific landing pages on your site helps address queries via voice search. Setting up a Google My Business page will also help drive local voice search traffic.

And, as always, watch what you say. Because those know-it-all robots? They’re always listening

Have an eavesdropping-worthy weekend, everybody!

–Your voice-enabled friends at Brokaw

When it comes to voice searches, it’s important to be simple, specific, and conversational.

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