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Congratulations on making it through another week of WFH! By this point, your experience has either been sponsored-by-elastic levels of amazing or, well, not.

Either way, we want to extend an invitation to an unexpected oasis: advertising. In the midst of stressful headlines (take your pick) and a general sense of dread, brands have kicked the “feel good cheerfulness” dial all the way up. 

And we have to say: we’re into it.

Because despite every obstacle and production hiccup, the following spots found a way to survive—and to revel in—30-second bursts of joy.

So tune in to Travelers’ dreamy, delightful cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop.”

Lap up Liev Schreiber playing a piano, for some reason.

Dance your way to a Whopper, and then polish it off with eating Halo Top in your underwear.

And if, say, an optimistic, futuristic ad for a Norwegian telecommunications firm is simply too stimulating for your endorphin-deprived brain, follow our directions for taking a quick trip to your happy place:

  1. Enter full screen mode and ensure monitor is visible from doorway
  2. Put headphones in, turn volume off
  3. Place hand on mouse
  4. Close your eyes and breathe
  5. Repeat as needed

If that doesn’t work, maybe a quick (virtual) visit to a national park will.

Okay. Hope you’re feeling refreshed! And inspired. Now more than ever, we have to seize happiness wherever we can get it. Now, bring on the pre-roll ads!  

Have a positively cheerful weekend, everybody!

—Your always-zen friends at Brokaw

We want to extend an invitation to an unexpected oasis: advertising.

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