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In a world where next-gen cell phones and pumpkin-flavored-everythings are rolled out to eager customers right on expected schedule, hooking an audience can require harnessing one of the building blocks of the advertising periodic table: the element of surprise.

Take Guy Fieri, famous for flame patterned bowling shirts and “putting the shama-lama in ding-dong.” Uber Eats shows us the unexpected ways he spends his time outside the mayorship of Flavortown: flexing his impressive pipes and proving his hair is not above the laws of gravity.  

Maybe you’re still stifling a yawn at this week’s shiny new iPhone 11 XSR Elite Pro. But who in their right mind can ignore an unanticipated round of hopscotch?!

Or think of the minds blown when people who believe they’re watching a promo for “The Voice,” learn—say it with me, Super Bowl fans—it’s a Tide commercial.

“Oh, get real,” you admonish. “Our brand isn’t built for some Old-Spice-Dollar-Shave-Club comedy sketch. We sell cinder blocks and soy sauce packets!”

Have no fear. Every category comes with its stale clichés and preconceptions; the key is to acknowledge those and then shake them up accordingly for a ta-da-worthy moment.

Shameless case study in point:

You might think you’re in for another luxury car commercial set to Magister McConaughey’s pseudo-philosophical word vom. But your eyes and ears are actually partaking in a full-fledged targeted campaign that showcases Cleveland’s top of the line transit system.

So go forth and surprise at every turn; the delight will follow close behind. (Provided you’re not, like, jumping out at people from around corners. That’s taking it too far. And we’re not responsible for any spilled coffee/stains.)

Have an astonishingly awesome weekend, everybody!

—Your stunningly fun friends at Brokaw

Every category comes with its stale clichés and preconceptions; the key is to acknowledge those and shake them up for a ta-da-worthy moment.

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