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Cue the Jaws theme: it’s almost time for Shark Week.

As Discovery Channel preps its 31st annual celebration of the best ocean dwellers with the worst rap, let’s take a deep-dive into how taking a cue from sharks can help your brand move up the food chain. (More puns where that came from.)

Tune into your senses.

Sharks can sense a heartbeat from 300 feet away. Talk about knowing your surroundings! True, we don’t have their razor sharp senses. We have something better: Wi-Fi. By checking in regularly with awesome industry blogs (much like this one, *wink*), you’ll get a better feel for the landscape—and the blah blah of different categories—and hone your killer instincts.

Keep moving or die.

I’m no expert in sharkology (yet), but I do know that if certain species stop moving, they die. Yikes. But also: what a metaphor. Let’s keep this marine life mortality top of mind when it comes to advertising. Because if we’re not moving forward, diving headfirst into the deep unknown and unexpected—like pairing Cheez-Its with boxed wine—what’s the point?

Go hard or go…hungry.

Sharks aren’t exactly known for their subtlety—Great Whites aren’t demurely requesting a doggy bag after going in for the kill. Rather, they show the strength of one big bite versus smaller nibbles. Essentially, go hard or go hungry. And if giving it your all requires canvasing an entire city with campaign materials for an all-star shortstop, by all means, make a splash.

Now go make yourself a thematic snack and pregame for next week with this majestic highlight reel of shark jumps.

Hope your weekend goes swimmingly, everybody!

—Your grateful-to-live-on-a-Great-Lake friends at Brokaw

Let’s take a deep-dive into how taking a cue from sharks can help your brand move up the food chain. #SharkWeek

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