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Life imitates art. Especially when the art in question is a Bud Light commercial. After all, their rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” encapsulates the yearning for sports felt all over the country.

And it’s backed by data! A recent study by DraftKings found that 56 percent of respondents began taking developments around COVID-19 more seriously (!) when professional sports leagues suspended operations. Plus, more than one in four competition-craving Americans began following a new sport, with e-sports nabbing the “Sure, why not?” title.

As soccer, baseball, and basketball resume play and the NFL preseason—the redemption of every Browns fan—ramps up, let’s appreciate what makes sports special (while we still have them).

There’s kind of an “I” in team

Sports simultaneously offer an individual and collective experience. As Columbia Journalism Review notes, “Each of us puts our self into the story, incorporates the event and its ups and downs into our own narrative. Sometimes, tens of millions of individuals care very much about the same event, and their individual stories collide to create something larger.” Cue the goosebumps!

They allow for individuality

We get to choose how we experience The Big Game. For some, it’s only “right” to hear Cleveland play-by-play announcer Tom Hamilton bark a home run call over scratchy AM radio. For others, it’s watching four games on four screens while refreshing Twitter. And for cardboard cutouts stationed behind home plate, it’s blankly staring into the great beyond. You love to see it.

It only happens once

We’re in control of most content we consume, choosing exactly when, where, and how many times we’ll loop that TikTok. But there’s nothing quite like the camaraderie of tuning in alongside other breath-holding, rally cap-wearing fans praying for a solid team performance.

So yes—it’s easy to see why brands love live sports. There’s a well of emotion and experience to tap into, and an omnipresent potential for lifelong loyalty. Here’s hoping everyone can keep playing safely, if only for the sake of the robo-spectators. And, God forbid, if we lose live play for a season, we can always watch this Nike spot on repeat.

Have a safely sports-tastic weekend, everybody!

—Your home team friends at Brokaw

Let’s appreciate what makes sports special (while we still have them).

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