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The internet provides much to be grateful for: cat videos, the ability to self-diagnose, and shoddily-made YouTube documentaries on serial killers.

Plus, you know, the constant and direct access to anyone and everyone you’ve never met.

Yes, we’re talking about social media. Specifically, we’re sharing some of the coolest uses we’ve recently seen in this oft-overplayed medium. Because sharing is caring—and it also helps justify our screen addictions.

Im-pasta-bly good content

Barilla spoke directly to music lovers on Spotify by dropping mixtapes that last exactly as long as you should cook your pasta for al dente perfection.

It’s a charming way to add personality to a pantry staple, while also worming your way into customers’ hearts and ears and stomachs. Might I recommend Boom Bap Fusilli or Pleasant Melancholy Penne?

Innovation from the next generation

When a mom shared her son’s idea for a new Wendy’s commercial, the fast food giant took it from scratch paper to the big (small) screen.

“The Meat is Meaty” showed a softer side of the Twitter account known for dragging the competition over the grease-fire coals, and we’re pretty confident it ensured that ad prodigy Julien Jantos and his family will remain Baconator fans for life.

Shooting for the sky

On the other side of the globe, Chinese streaming company Bilibili used drones to create a giant scannable QR code in the Shanghai sky that celebrated the first anniversary of their game Princess Connect! Re:Dive.

And, sure, this may not be social media in the Facebook or Instagram sense, but it does give a glimpse into a maybe-dystopian future where the night sky is the newest media placement, and people gathering with phones aloft are the most important way to measure engagement.

In the meantime, if you’re hankering for even more adventures in the traditional social sphere, we have great news: the scroll is endless, with new, enjoyable, and…interesting characters being added every day.

And for prime takes, of course, you can always count on us.

Have a socially-aware weekend, everybody!

—Your always-aflutter-social-butterfly friends at Brokaw

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