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The sun’s a-blazing. There’s a light chatter in the office. Daydreams of swimming pools and music festivals dance in your head. Your heart begins to beat faster as the clock ticks closer to that 5 o’clock finish line. And then BOOM! You’re fired because you were too distracted to work all day.

This hypothetical has a point (believe it or not.) Summer is a very distracting time of year. Especially for consumers. There’s so much going on, a lot of brands find it hard to compete. But why compete? Why not harness the power of summer and become part of the “distraction” via social media?

Here are some ways brands are getting their summer on:

  • Sponsored Playlists. After the launch of sponsored Spotify playlists, brands like Carnival Cruise Lines are using the service to create a soundtrack that people can…uh, cruise to, I guess. And how can you go for a nice summer run without Nike’s running playlist? You can’t! You just can’t!
  • Facebook Live. Unlike Carnival and Nike, Wendy’s doesn’t pair as well with summer. (Or wine…trust me.) But that doesn’t hold them back from creating engaging seasonal content on Facebook Live. It’s bright. It’s fun. It’s a burger in the sun.
  • Snapchat filters. By far, the most successful brand using Snapchat filters is, well, Snapchat. In fact, they just released the first duel lens filter for the summer movie Ghostbusters. But even if you can’t out-Snapchat Snapchat, Snap Filters are all the rage—in all the seasons. So go make one.

Well, now that you’ve learned how brands are using the season to their advantage, there are two things you can do: You can either start developing a summer strategy to engage with consumers. Or you can just stare at the clock and not do a damn thing….because it’s summer…and Friday…and lemonade…and Justin Timberlake…and…OK, I’m done.

-Your clockwatching friends at Brokaw.


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