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A cursory glance at UrbanDictionary.com says “Engagement Season,” when marriage proposal volume hits its annual high, spans the feel-good holidays from Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day.

But there are three demographics that beg to differ. One: the reigning royalty of young Hollywood. Two: everyone I went to high school with (Mazel tov, class of ‘13). Three: marketers. Who know the most impactful engagements happen year-round.

And in a world inundated with blah-blah banner ads (or, you know, cringe-inducing ring promos), it takes a special effort to create meaningful consumer engagements that could lead to a lasting relationship.

Strategically piggyback on “Be there or be square” experiences

Upsides of the Cleveland Browns’ 0-16 season: the deeply sarcastic “Perfect Season Parade” drummed up tons of philanthropic donations, it provided an intriguing storyline for this season of HBO’s Hardknocks, and it gave birth to the Bud Light Victory Fridges. When the Browns finally win their first game since 2016, a wireless signal will unlock these strategically-placed fridges, finally answering the question: “What does victory taste like?” The answer: free, cold, mediocre beer.

Providing an experience like this means Bud Light will earn BROWNie points (ha) with the Dawg Pound, and will forever be associated with our next (theoretical) W.

Take advantage of limited editions

Despite the decline of newspapers, a recent edition of the New York Post flew off the shelves. The tabloid collaborated with the hypebeast gods at Supreme for a limited edition run of papers that had people stampeding bodegas in search of the instant collector’s item.

And while Supreme is as famous for its cult following as it is for its streetwear, you can follow their lead by making a timely release of smaller batches of your most talked about products—or by bringing back crowd favorites in the “offseason.”

Give people a say

Engage consumers by involving them in your process. Granted, this can go horribly wrong, a lá Boaty McBoatface. But if you keep it low-stakes, you won’t have to deal with any long-term consequences (or would-be anthropomorphic sea-faring vessels). That’s why Old Spice let people direct their recent marketing meeting. The whole thing was as fun as it was fictitious, by flipping the tables and letting customers call the shots.

Now get out there and start engaging with your future forever brand friends. We’ve got Nick Jonas’s registry to browse.

Have a bling-tastic weekend, everybody!

– Your ever-engaging friends at Brokaw

…it takes a special effort to create meaningful consumer engagements that could lead to a lasting relationship.

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