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Here at Brokaw Inc., we celebrate Earth Day every day.

Whether we’re tending to our beloved office plants or encouraging people to leave no trace, our world revolves around Mama Earth.

So we’re excited to see that the ad industry has taken note.

After all, lately it’s been recycling past hits, reusing familiar talent, and reducing the amount of snooze-worthy spots.

Let’s take a look:

The music

Using hits of yesteryear is an easy way to connect with your audience or to sell them limited-edition beans.

And sure, you might have to change up some lyrics to better fit your budget blinds, but there’s a chance those boomers won’t even note the difference.

Now, someone please score a spot to some fine-aged Milli Vanilli so we don’t have to.

The talent

Let’s address the 420-pound elephant in the room: Willie Nelson has been everywhere lately. Good for him! He has starred in three different spots while also maintaining a perfect middle part.

And Deion Sanders took us back to 1989 with Gillette’s homage to Draft Day, laser graphics and all.

Forget fresh-faced influencers. Americans love to revisit their time-honored heroes. Give the people what they want: graying pigtail braids and stacked gold necklaces!

The humor

Gen Z may think it invented a certain brand of Neo-Dada, bizarre-o humor.

To which we say: “Cute!” Then we pull out our iPod Nano and show them the vintage coffee commercials Jim Henson made or the delightfully oddball ad for Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Much to our benefit, people have been doing weird stuff for a long time. It’s just that now, there are even more places to show it off. Please: make a silly branded TikTok. For the children!

We can confirm nostalgia is indeed a sustainable strategy, so if you’re looking to do something totally new, try looking all the way to the past.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, and repeat—your “bad idea” garbage bin, and by extension the Earth, will thank you.

Have an eco-consciously-amazing weekend, everybody!

—Your evergreen friends at Brokaw

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