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 Let’s talk TikTok.

After all, it was the most downloaded app in 2020 and was installed 63 million times in August alone.

So if you’re going to spend precious phone storage (not to mention, all of your waking hours) on the short video sharing platform, you might as well put it to work for your brand, too.

Here are just some of the reasons why that’s a good idea:


If you make stuff for social, you know the deal: you can spend hours on one Instagram post, only to be rewarded with four measly reactions—one of which is from Aunt Barb (Thx Aunt B, luv u).

On TikTok, your hard work stands a better chance of going viral. After all, it’ll be in front of a highly engaged user base that spends an average of 52 minutes a day on the platform.

Essentially, you can get your product and/or service in front of a lot more eyeballs with a lot less effort. Which brings us to:


Lacking cinematography skills? No problem. TikTok’s intuitive Video Creation UI allows anyone with a smartphone (AKA everyone) to easily shoot, edit, and post a video. Film degree not required—but if you’re into that sort of thing, Favorite Brother’s got you.


Even if you’re not yet on the Tok, your group chat has probably traded clips. TikTok makes it super easy to share posts, meaning you can also recycle your content on other social platforms or even through email. (Word’s still out on carrier pigeons.)

Heightened visibility for the win!


TikTok isn’t just about killer dance moves and absurdist bits (although, you simply must watch Ghost Honey). It’s also a way to spread some good vibes.

Whereas Twitter is more cynical, and Instagram’s all about aesthetics, wholesome “day in the life” content tends to trend on TikTok. This makes it an especially great forum for sharing positive reviews or upbeat, user-generated clips that just might hook a whole new audience.

There’s no time like a snowy weekend to start exploring the For You Page and thinking how it could apply to your brand. Just promise you won’t get mad at us when you start watching some quick clips, then suddenly find that it’s Sunday night, and your index fingers are cramped, and you missed Aunt Barb’s B-Day (just send her a charming sax solo).

Have an app-tastic weekend, everybody!

—Your infinite-scrolling friends at Brokaw

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