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Between blooming flowers and being fully vaxxed, I’m running out the door, desperate for the chance to (re)engage with the natural world.

After all, we’re finally “getting back to normal.”

But if you, like me, are wondering what exactly that means (I’m supposed to change my pants HOW often?), have no fear.

Brands are slowly preparing us for re-opening.

EXTRA Gum, for example, is predicting a lot of making out with strangers and general elation over the return to an in-person working environment. (On behalf of Human Resources reps everywhere, we remind you not to mix the two.)

Upwork encourages us to ditch both business casual and serious commutes and lean into the possibilities of a reimagined workplace. For what it’s worth: Dilbert also had some more concise thoughts on this subject.  

Guinness, meanwhile, is welcoming the Irish back to their beloved pubs, while also pledging their financial support for the hallowed hang zones. Hey, maybe a tall pint is a cure for all that brewing re-engagement anxiety.

And the tourism board in New Zealand is encouraging people to finally capitalize on those long-awaited travel plans. (Come for the charming accents, stay for the eye-contact-avoidant giant Dream Kiwi.)

So yes, there are many ideas about how we should all approach Reality 2.0.

And together, we’re going to adjust to the new, NEW normal. To which I promise I won’t comment on you re-wearing your condiment-splattered sweats if you will simply return the favor.

Have a cautiously optimistic weekend, everybody!

—Your small-talk-connoisseur friends at Brokaw

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