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As Andy Warhol, pop-art icon/face of Burger King once said, “I think everybody should like everybody.” And with Valentine’s Day around the corner, there’s no better time to showcase your undying like for your customers (and maybe even prove your lasting love to your significant other) than with some romantically evergreen marketing strategies.

Show you’re listening

Many PR snafus (and a couple fights) might be avoided if you could only read minds. Sorry, people in relationships—no dice. As for marketers, the social sphere is a window into consumers’ needs, interests, daily joys, and stresses. If you don’t have social listening in place, make it a priority. Bonus tip: Avoid telling loved ones that paying attention to them counts as “community management.”

Cook up something special

Anyone can make reservations, and any brand can serve up blah blah, topical “content.” But if you’re creative and committed, and you really get your customer and/or spouse, you can give them something thoughtful and personalized that could only come from you. Something that could elicit a, “How did you friggin’ know?!” reaction.

Lay it on the line…

Like many a romantic comedy has taught us, life is too short to not tell people how we really feel. Maybe that’s by dropping those three little words. Or maybe, spurned by Super Bowl LIII’s #corntroversy, that’s accomplished by taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times to defend your brewing techniques. No matter your medium, put it all out there.

…or sit this one out

Wise men say only fools rush in. So, whether you’re a brand (or a human) who’s recently lost their mojo, ignore the next part of the aforementioned Elvis lyrics and take some time to focus on yourself. Fine-tune your manifesto. Focus on how you’ll evolve. And if all else fails, undergo a brand makeover worthy of its own montage.

Because as every Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie has ever taught us: it’s only by learning to love ourselves that we can build brand relationships that last a lifetime.

Have a ROI-mantic weekend, everyone!

-Your wing(wo)men at Brokaw

There’s no better time to showcase your undying like for your customers than with some romantically evergreen marketing strategies.

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