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Because his dashing good looks aren’t enough, Ryan Reynolds also has a movie star wife, a career dotted with record-breaking blockbusters, and his own gin company.

I’m very happy for him.

In promoting the lattermost venture, he took to The Tonight Show and shared his work email address (ryan@aviationgin.com), along with the witty ramblings he passes off as “out of office” replies.

His quick plug garnered 20,000 replies, which crashed Aviation American Gin’s servers—a matter that Reynolds responded to in a characteristically Deadpool deadpan way.

So you could say his appearance was a success.

“Inc. Magazine” wrote an article about what made this stunt such a shareable bite of content: it’s unexpectedly personal, it’s super cost-efficient, and it’s funny.

Being the model employee I am (Hi Tim! Hi Gregg!), these characteristics immediately reminded me of “How to Brokaw,” our agency’s (would-be) best-selling manifesto. To put it in Brokaw terms, RR nailed it because his OOO emails were novel, super simple, and entertaining.


The best advertising gives people something they’ve never seen before. Because when consumers see something new and exciting, it lights up the part of their brain that encourages them to smash that “share” button and wrangles a bevy of new buyers. Maybe being a pioneer sounds daunting. Don’t let that discourage you. It can be as simple as pizza pie sized patio sets.


The “Inc.” article said the automatic reply route is so brilliant because it’s a cost-efficient use of an asset everyone already has but that most people don’t employ creatively. To which we reply: ditto. The fewer steps between the message and its execution, the better. That’s why Doner hijacking Popsugar’s periods is so cool: it provides potentially life-saving information about melanoma in contextually relevant places and makes those tips accessible with the hover of a mouse.


Great advertising is great comedy or drama. We want to make the target laugh or cry or FEEL something. Our goal is to out-entertain the entertainment industry. Or at least, to add something unexpectedly entertaining to our audience’s day like, say, live agency surveillance footage (check the eye icon in the upper right).

Good luck crafting this Monday’s OOO Labor Day email and have a wonderful holiday. And great news: if the weather doesn’t hold, you can always pick up “Deadpool 2,” available now on DVD. (Damn, that Ryan Reynolds is charming.)

Have an auto-reply-worthy weekend, everybody!

-Your gin-tastic friends at Brokaw

Great advertising is great comedy or drama. We want to make the target laugh or cry or FEEL something.

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