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It’s been a big week for full-on full moon fanatics everywhere:

NASA confirmed the existence of water-ice on the lunar surface.

The European Space Agency has been working on a way to turn moon dust into bricks to build interstellar structures.

And some of the unluckiest people at Brokaw, myself included, were mooned by a stranger strolling outside our wordy windows. It was an accident, but still—those scars will take time to heal.

So while those first two moonstones milestones speak to the benefits of insatiable curiosity and brilliant innovation, I’ve been (indecently) exposed to a different lesson: how important it is to cover your ass—C.Y.A., if you will.

When multi-tasking and working on different projects simultaneously, it’s important to not get caught with your pants down. So how can you guarantee your hindquarters are adequately hidden?

Set the Bar. (Then hop over it.)

Lay out realistic expectations at the start of a project. While we always want to blow everyone out of the water, goals must be measurable and attainable. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.  

Then, when you inevitably go above and beyond, your ideas will come across as that much more amazing. Kind of like you’d never expect a pizza chain to pave over potholes. You didn’t ask for it, but now your cheese pizza and children are safe from gaping craters, and everyone’s happy.

Plan ahead.

With every campaign, there are usually unforeseen circumstances that cause original timelines to be thrown off or ideas to take a new direction. Expect the unexpected and build in buffer time so you can adapt to the project. Otherwise:

Track your KPIs.

It’s critical to understand what success looks like. Maybe it’s how many people are reading your Instagram novels or a great click-through rate on your intentionally stupid banner ads. In following up on your performance, you’ll have learnings to make better-informed decisions that will keep your glutes covered for years to come.

Finally: Wear a belt. (Especially if you plan on frequently bending over in front of windows.)

Have a waxing and waning weekend, everybody!

-Your still-shaken friends at Brokaw

Lay out realistic expectations. While we always want to blow everyone out of the water, goals must be measurable and attainable.

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