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Social media moves at the speed of the Internet—so consider us the conditioning coach who will get you up to speed. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s new with your brand’s go-to platforms:


Brace yourself for frantic calls from confused aunts, because a new Facebook desktop layout is coming soon. Ultimately, the Facebook facelift streamlines user experience and the transitions from public to private spaces (and vice versa).

Zuck and co. also released a creator studio playbook, which is chock-full of best practices for gaming this Facebook tool to optimize your #content. Want to get more involved in groups? Check the playbook. Wondering how to get started on IGTV? It’s in the playbook. Have pressing questions about managing posts? Hit. That. Playbook.


In a move to take on TikTok, Instagram has introduced “Clips.” It’ll allow users to record and place parts of videos into one single story. Then, viral wannabes can overlay music and adjust the speed and time of each segment. TikTok better watch its back—no one wants to be the next Snapchat.


Pinterest ads are finally having their moment. Case in point: Warner Bros.promotional campaign for the scarefest IT: Chapter Two. Your craftiest friends think they’re looking at a pin with tips for throwing a dreamy beach BBQ—but they’re really about to get spooked by Pennywise and invited on a virtual fun house tour.

Research shows that Pinterest’s diverse audience and usage is expanding and that shoppers are visiting the app with higher purchase intent. Add it to your aspirational “dream campaign” board.


Build brand awareness with communities hashtags. Your business page can now hop on relevant hashtags that let you join conversations, network your tail off, and create a brand personality. They’re a great (and easy) way to establish yourself as a voice in the industry, so #GetIntoThem.

I know, I know: it seems like a lot. But by staying ahead of the latest trends, you can help your brand stay on top. (And placate Aunt Diane.)

Have an engagement-driven weekend, everybody!

—Your socially-aware friends at Brokaw

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s new with your brand’s go-to platforms.

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