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Sure, 2020 might have been the all-around sh*ttiest year ever, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set some advertising #lifegoals for the upcoming (and—fingers crossed—SURE to be better) 2021. How? Honestly, it’s basically the same as the resolutions we make for ourselves, you just tack on the word “ads” or replace the feeling-sy words like “life” or “you” with “ads.” It’s easy, fun, and low key hilarious, check it out:

Declutter your life (ads).

Maybe it’s time for Marie Kondo to move beyond the underwear drawer and into your display ads. Look, you’re probably not going to have much luck cramming 6 key differentiators and 2 calls to action in a 300 x 50 display unit. So let’s spark some joy and keep it simple.

Lose weight (in your ads).

(See previous resolution.)

Save money (on your ads).

Everyone wants to have a little more green left after their media shopping spree, right? Stick to the channels where your message will have the most relevant impact and reach the right people. The landscape’s gotten too big for you to be everywhere—and trying to be omnipresent will leave you spread too thin. Just like your wallet after that media buy. (Zing!) 

Spend more time with family and friends (ads).

Sure, family time’s great and irreplaceable and all that, but really, how many sourdough loaves can we bake together?  Devote some minutes to keeping your eyes (and ears) open for what’s happening in the ever-evolving marketing universe. And look outside of your specific category, too. You never know where you’ll find inspiration.

Drink less.

Not really our strong suit, sorry.

Learn something new (about advertising).

AI? VR?  AR? ASMR? OMG, there’s so much recent and emerging technology that could be applicable to communication it’s bananas. Better get some learnin’ on PDQ before the Year of the Ox rolls in.

With a couple of soul-searching, honest promises to yourself, you’ll be ready to face 2021 feeling like a million bucks. (Or at least, Nickelback.)

Have a resolution-y holiday weekend everybody,
Your 2021-ready friends at Brokaw.

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