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Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives are at the top of to-do lists for HR and operations professionals across the country. And that mindfulness is impacting the way we as marketers think, too.

Every component of the phrase “diversity, equity, and inclusion” represents a BIG idea, so many marketers struggle with where to start. And posting a celebratory message when notable holidays pop up (while it’s nice and all) will do little to help your organization stand out.

A true thought leader in all things related to DE&I, Target is a great brand to follow. As illustrated below through social media examples, the organization is doing a stellar job of putting a few simple, but important, best practices to work.

While Target plays in a lot of sandboxes, it has chosen one issue to really take a stance on and invest in, and it’s that of supporting the black community—from extensive support of black-owned business, to immediate community outreach and relief efforts in Minneapolis, to involvement in public policy, and beyond.

Target recognizes when it’s not a subject matter expert and engages others better positioned to deliver messages they value. Take a moment to click and scroll through this educational post about diversifying your kid’s toy collection. They teamed up with Glo Atanmo, a well-respected entrepreneur and motivational speaker from the black community, who spoke to her own experiences playing with toys as a child. And at the same time, Target used the opportunity to soft sell Mattel’s line of diversity dolls.

Lastly, Target knows that when communicating diversity, you need to THINK with diversity. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you’ve “checked the box” if a mix of races are represented in your marketing communication.  But the ways to think about diversity are endless: Race, ethnicity, age, gender identity, physical and mental ability, citizenship, marital status, socioeconomic status, education, political affiliation, spiritual and religious beliefs, etc.

Browse Target’s Instagram Story Highlights to see all the places they are taking their diversity conversations:

As we head into a holiday weekend that’s all about celebrating what makes this country great, think about how you as an individual, a marketer, and an employee or employer can create positive experiences for everyone who encounters you or your brand.

-Your Mindful Friends at Brokaw

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