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At this point, we’re all out of WFH hacks.

So, we’ll just remind you that what you do in your free time is every bit as important as what you do when you’re clocked in.

As an added bonus, self-care will reflect positively in your work. Plus, you might need a little extra TLC after your at-home St. Paddy’s Day party.

So here are some ways to fill your weekend that will set you up for a solid seven days.

Get moving

Maybe your current fitness routine is lifting a coffee mug to your mouth (in which case, that’s a bicep curl, and every one counts).

But exercising for as little as ten minutes can release GABA, a soothing neurotransmitter that reduces stress. Get that GABA, people!

No need to go all out WNBA style. Lacing up your tennis shoes for a neighborhood stroll can bring a breath of fresh air in more ways than one—as walking has long been linked to creativity.


Being available 24/7 can make you feel like you never left work. And boundaries are already blurred with the whole taking-Zoom-calls-at-the-kitchen-table thing (cool lunch, BTW).

If you dread the thought of coming back to a full inbox, designate specific times on Saturday and Sunday for checking in. Then, maybe read this piece and throw your phone into the nearest sinkhole (one of the true charms of the post-winter thaw).

Spend time with loved ones

Of course, you need to make time for the most important people in your life for the sake of memories, irreplaceable bonds, sentimental reasons, etc.

And if one of these invaluable connections just so happens to inspire a brilliant strategic insight, well, then you should just count that as a lil’ bonus.

Prepare for Monday 

When the “60 Minutes” clock starts ticking, the Sunday Scaries come a-callin’.

Fend them off by making even the tiniest plans for the week ahead, whether that’s picking a Monday outfit, doing a little meal prep, or outlining your #epic April Fool’s Day joke.

We hope you follow our advice for a rejuvenating and relaxing weekend…and also feel inspired to totally own next week.

Have a switch-on-that-airplane-mode weekend, everybody!

—Your R&R-heavy friends at Brokaw

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